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About the Midland

The Midland Hotel is a traditional pub in the heart of Liverpool, offering a wide range of beers, spirits and wines in a friendly atmosphere.

Playing traditional music from the 50s to 70s, you can be sure of a friendly welcome.

Open 11:00am to 11:00pm daily (except Sunday when we close at 10:30pm).

Over 100 years of history

02 Midland c1897

History - 1800s

The Midland Hotel dates back to the late 1800s when Peter Walker - a brewer from Ayr, Strathclyde, moved to Liverpool in the early 1830s with his son, Andrew Walker (who later went onto become the Mayor of Liverpool in 1873) to set up the brewery operations on Edwin Street, Everton before moving to Warrington, trading as Peter Walker & Son.

By the late 1800s, following the acquisitions of a number of brewers, the company operated over 800 pubs in and around the North of England.

Picture: Ranelagh Street, circa 1890

06 Midland c1950

History - 1900s

Peter Walker's brewing empire went from strength to strength in the early 1900s, acquiring a number of brewers around Burton, Staffordshire and notably Robert Cain & Sons, Mersey Brewery, Stanhope Street, Toxteth in 1913.

Surviving two wold wars, the company was ultimately merged into the Tetley brewing operations to form Tetley Walker in 1963 becoming part of a sprawling operation - Ind Coope Tetley Ansell, which by 1964 operated nearly 5,000 pubs areound the UK.

Picture: Ranelagh Street, circa 1955



History - Modern Times

Ind Coope Tetley Ansell later shortened its name to simply Allied Breweries and itself merged with catering group J. Lyons & Co . This precipitated in the mid to late 1990s, in part due to the Beer Orders, a flurry of investment activity resulting ultimately in the separation of a large part of the brewing and public house operations.

Following the creation of Punch in 1997 (out of Bass), Spirit in 1999 (the managed division of Allied) The Midland ultimately fell into the fold of Orchid Pub Company, a privately owned managed pub group created out of Spirit in 2006.

Picture: The Midland Hotel, 2017